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New Garage Door Installation

If you are looking to install a new garage door at your home, we have the right team of garage door specialists for the job.

Working with homeowners within their budget, we offer a wide selection of models and colors that fit both your design and functional needs. No matter what your needs are, we can help with all your garage door hassles, whether it’s through MyQ technology integration for remote access or insulated garage doors that keep the chill of Ohio winters away.

We approach each garage door job by first understanding our customers’ issues, which enables us to offer the optimal solution that is both budget-friendly and tailored to their needs.

We believe in the power of choice. At Proactive Garage Door Repair, you have access to a broad range of garage door models, patterns, colors, and customizable features such as windows and more. In addition, we offer the convenience of hauling away your old garage door at no extra cost. Now that’s convenient.


Problem with your garage door openers? You’ve come to the right place.

We have extensive experience in installing and repairing a variety of garage door models, including Stanley, Liftmaster, and Craftsman. Over the many years that we’ve been helping homeowners with their garage door needs, we’ve dealt with every possible problem. 

No matter the issue you may be facing, whether it is cable-related, strange noises coming from the door or motor, or problems with your remote control programming, we have the necessary expertise, passion and a dedicated team of specialists to promptly diagnose and resolve the issue with precision and efficiency. So, it doesn’t matter if you have a big issue or a small one – we’ll get it sorted in no time.

The great news is that all of our repair jobs and installations come with an excellent warranty. This means that you’ll have peace of mind that your garage door will last for many years to come.

We will provide you with a cost estimate for any replacement needed and we’ll wait on your approval before proceeding. You’ll be fully informed of all expenses well before the project’s start date.

Tired of your garage door refusing to cooperate during the most inconvenient moments? Are you manually having to open and close your garage door?

Don’t worry, our garage door repair services are here to rescue you! We provide emergency repair 24/7 so that you don’t have to wait for the inconvenience to pass – we’ll fix it on the spot.

Plus, you won’t have to wait around all day either. Our experienced technicians come with a 2-hour appointment window and can usually resolve your issues in a single visit. We are well-equipped and have replacement parts on hand, with the experience to quickly diagnose any problem you might be having with your garage door. If your door is beyond repair, we’ll work with you to select the right option for your home and your wallet.

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Garage Door Repair and Installation in NE Ohio

Experience hassle-free and efficient garage door repair and installation in Northeast Ohio with Proactive Garage Door Repair at your service. Hundreds of homeowners in the greater NE Ohio area trust us with a variety of garage door needs, whether it’s installation, repair, or maintenance.

Our team of garage door specialists offers 24/7 service to NE Ohio residents, and when you call us you speak directly with an expert. No matter the make, model, or age of your garage door, our team of trained and experienced technicians are renowned for providing prompt same-day service.

We also offer free estimates and are a Clopay dealer. If you have any garage door needs, schedule an appointment today by calling us at (440) 876-4444.

Why Choose Proactive For Garage Door Repair, Installation & Maintenance?

Hundreds of homeowners in and around NE Ohio choose Proactive Garage Door Repair for their garage door needs, and there’s a good reason why. Firstly, we take great pride in our excellent service and our ability to get the job done right the first time, every time. Secondly, our ultimate objective is to ensure that your garage door is durable and long-lasting. Our team of experts will make sure that you receive the best service possible and that you have a garage door that will last the ages.

At Proactive Garage Door Repair, we are proud to serve a wide range of areas in Northeastern Ohio, including Akron, Massillon, Pepper Pike, Bath, Medina, Rocky River, Brunswick, North Canton, Seven Hills, Cuyahoga Falls, North Olmsted, Solon, Hinckley, North Ridgeville, Hudson, North Royalton, Stow, Strongsville, Westlake, Lakewood, and Parma.


24/7 Service

Trusted Experts

Trusted Experts

Same Day Service

Same Day Service

Free Estimates

Free Estimates

Trained & Experienced Technicians​

Free haul-away of old garage door

Free haul-away of old garage door

Warranty on all garage doors and repairs

Warranty on all garage doors and repairs

2-hour appointment window

2-hour appointment window

Garage Door Repair Services

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Garage Door Spring Repair​

Although your garage door has a motorized opener, this only does half the work. The opener is responsible for lifting the door the first 60% of the way, with the spring taking care of the remaining opening motion and bearing the majority of the door’s weight once it is open.

Spring issues can result in serious and potentially dangerous problems with your garage door, but fortunately, our trained experts can replace them quickly and easily, keeping you safe and happy.

Garage Door Opener Repair

Garage door openers are surprisingly durable, and have the potential to last anywhere from 10 to 15 years. However, this is only the case when they are properly maintained and kept in good working order.

Whether you’re worried you’re falling behind with this maintenance, you’re starting to notice issues with how your door opens, or you’re just wanting to stay on top of things, we’ll be happy to take a look and make sure your opener stays as good as new.

Broken Cable Repair

Garage door cables work in tandem with the spring to pull and hold your garage door open. Whilst they are strong and durable, garage door cables are still susceptible to wear and tear just like any other component.

If you believe your cable is starting to look worn or has even snapped already, we will be happy to help. We can assess for signs of damage and quickly replace the cable if needed, keeping you safe and getting your door back in action.

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Garage Door Roller Repair​

The rollers play a key role in ensuring that your garage door operates smoothly. This means that if your rollers are in good condition, they help everything else work better as well. On the other hand, if your rollers have become worn due to time and use, things may not feel as smooth, and extra strain will be placed on the rest of your system.

We can check your rollers and make any replacements necessary, protecting the other components in your door system and helping you avoid the need for costly repairs later.

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Remote & Sensor Repair​

If your garage door isn’t opening, it may be due to an issue with your remote or the associated sensor. We can inspect both the remote and the sensor to identify any issues and then perform any necessary repairs, ensuring that your door is quickly back in full working order.


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At Proactive Garage Door Repair, we recommend checking if there’s an emergency release to disengage it so you can open your garage door manually. Typically, a rope with a handle hanging from a trigger attached to the bar connects the opener to your door. Pull down firmly on this handle to disengage the opener, allowing you to open your door manually.

In such cases, Proactive Garage Door Repair advises erasing the lost remote from your opener’s memory and resetting the code. This ensures the lost remote won’t work anymore, like changing your house locks if a key goes missing. It’s important for your security in NE Ohio.

This issue is often related to the infrared safety eye system installed in garage door openers post-1993. Proactive Garage Door Repair suggests checking for obstructions like a broom handle or spider web blocking the sensors or realigning misaligned sensors.

This depends on whether the replacement section is still available and the condition of the rest of your door. Sometimes, replacing the complete door is more economical. Proactive Garage Door Repair can assess and provide the best solution for your garage door in NE Ohio.

Proactive Garage Door Repair recommends annual maintenance, especially considering the weather conditions in NE Ohio. Our service includes thoroughly inspecting and tuning key components like tracks, hinges, rollers, and springs.

A noisy garage door can indicate a need for lubrication or tightening of components. Proactive Garage Door Repair offers a lube-and-tune service that includes a comprehensive safety inspection to identify and fix the sources of noise, ensuring your garage door operates smoothly and quietly​.

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